A little information
about me

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

Thank you for making it this far, now I can speak to you in the first person.
(Its been me the whole time, but I had to make it look professional)

So a little bit of backstory of yours truly? Well as a child, I had always been amazed by what these awesome magicians could do, to me, it defied all logic, it made no sense, and I loved it. Sadly though, I didn't pick it up and start doing it myself until a few years later, where I used it to begin with as a psychological crutch, so I could talk to new people and make new friends.

After time of honing my skills, I realised that this is the life I want to be in, and I would do everything I could to make that a reality!

This life brings you to many different types of people, from true believers, to nasty skeptics (I love a good skeptic as the next magician, but do you have to be nasty about it?) and I look forward to discovering more and more!



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