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Another big passion of mine is creating video content,
and that's why I'm devoting this page to all of my creations.
Of course, there's a plethora of magic videos
to enjoy, but also of other forms of
entertaining videos for your enjoyment.

So by now you have seen some of the people I have been super stoked to perform to! But it's not all about the famous people.

This was a group of guys, just enjoying their day, like myself, who wanted a little more entertainment, and I have to say, this was one of my most favourite videos to edit, thanks to the super awesome camera dude who came out of nowhere and gave me the second angle! Dude! if you see this, message me your details again, because I may or may not have lost them...

A card is picked from a pack, You show it's a different colour from the rest, then you change the decks colour, then you change the entire deck to the EXACT SAME card that was selected!

Two words... Hat... Films... need I say more?! Yes? oh... umm...

Well on the final day of Insomnia 57, I managed to get hold of these BAMF's to try to melt their brain! and seeing as they uploaded their version, I thought it was only fair to push my schedule up a bit :) enjoy!

The second episode of my Insomnia 57 series stops at THIS LEGEND LTZONDA!

But will I be able to better him with my deck? let's find out 😉

Two elastic bands come together, you see that both are locked into one another, impossible to break apart... watch as I make them phase right through

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